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A Safety Management System (SMS) within an organisation provides a systematic approach to managing safety. For an SMS to be effective, there must be the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, responsibilities, policies and procedures. An effective SMS should enable an organization to identify hazards, assess risks and can be the mechanism to continuously improve safety performance.


Course duration: 1 Day

Next available date: 05/10/2022

This is a test product

Flight Operations is the management of aircraft operations and can be divided into four main areas. Commercial Air Transport (CAT); Non Commercial Complex (NCC); Non Commercial Other Than Complex Aircraft (NCO); Specialised Operations such as aerial survey or towing.


Course duration: 10 Days

Next available date: 10/10/2022

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Flight Simulation is the technique of using software modelling to reproduce the handling, performance and systems operation of a particular aircraft type or class. The software models typically run in “real time” and are normally integrated with a simulation of the real world environment and a functioning reproduction of the aircraft flight deck.


Course duration: 5 Days

Next available date: 31/10/2022