English Language Proficiency


T3 Aviation Academy has developed the first independent ELP system in the region called Wilco. Designed in line with ICAO’s standards and recommended practices in addition to the GCAA UAE’s regulations, the system is designed to assess the English Language Proficiency of pilots for compliance with ICAO’s language proficiency requirements.

Each segment of the assessment is contextualised and adapted in line with the role of the examinee. The examinee’s performance is assessed by an experienced team of operational and linguistic experts.

Structure and Application

ELP Assessment Structure:

  • Part 1: Interview / Warm-Up
  • Part 2: Image Description and Discussion
  • Part 3: Storytelling Through Illustrations

The assessment measures the following linguistic skills:

  • Pronunciation
  • Structure
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Interaction

The assessment requires the following documents:

  • Coloured Passport Copy
  • Passport-Size Photo with White Background
  • Coloured Copy of Pilot Licence (if available)

ELP Levels

Level 4

Operational Level of English Language Proficiency

Valid For

3 Years

Level 5

Extended Level of English Language Proficiency

Valid For

6 Years

Level 6

Expert Level with nearly perfect English Language Proficiency

Valid For


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