Excel in your GCAA Examinations at our
state-of-the-art Examination Centre.

T3 Aviation Academy has an approved General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) examination centre, equipped with 16 stations (8 stations available during COVID) and fully dedicated to assisting you to conduct your aviation exams.

We offer 96 aviation exams in the following categories:

  • All the PPL Exams (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • All the CPL Exams (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • All ATPL Exams (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • Air Law and Operational Procedure (Licence Conversion) ATPL and CPL (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • Flight Instructor Examination (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • All Instrument Examination (Aeroplane and Helicopter)
  • UAE Air Law (Aeroplane and Balloon)

Required Documents:

  • Passport copy
  • Visa copy (tourist or resident)
  • Emirates ID Copy (if resident)
  • Foreign Licence Copy
  • UAE contact number
  • Previous CNID Number (if available)