What is the MPL program duration?

22 to 24 months at T3 Aviation Academy before starting the 1500 flying hours with Air Arabia.

Are the 1500 flying hours (post-base training) guaranteed to be accumulated with Air Arabia?

The 1500 flying hours with Air Arabia are guaranteed. Upon the successful completion of these 1500 hours and based on the cadet’s performance, an interview for employment with Air Arabia is then scheduled.

Does T3AA provide student accommodation?

T3 Aviation Academy does not offer student accommodation at the moment; however, Air Arabia’s accommodation can be utilized based on availability. Moreover, we are located next to the University City in Sharjah which provides students with an array of lodging/housing options.

Are the assessments ongoing?

The assessment process at T3 Aviation Academy is ongoing throughout the year.

When is the next batch intake?

There are 4 batches spreadout throughout the year.

How to apply?

Prospective students can refer to the steps outlined in the Admissions Process.

Are scholarships available?

T3 Aviation Academy does not offer any academic or merit-based scholarships at the moment. For information on scholarships for international students in the UAE, please refer to the following link: Higher studies for non-UAE nationals

Does T3AA offer any extra-curricular flight-related activities?

We do not offer extra-curricular flight-related activities

What is the difference between MPL and CPL?

CPL is limited to a frozen ATPL. Pursuing the MPL course ensures receiving a full ATPL, A320 Type Rating, MEL, and an instrument rating.  

Do I need a valid medical if I have a UAE ATPL with a valid A380 rating?

To have an A320 Type Rating endorsed in your GCAA licence, a valid GCAA class 1 medical is required, otherwise it is not required.

Do you provide line training or actual jet hours, after foreign licence conversion and full type rating?

No, the type rating training is a modular course; in order to get hours, you may enroll for the MPL Cadet Pilot Programme.

Can I endorse an A320 type rating done in an EASA approved organization in my GCAA CPL Licence?

Yes, as long as the GCAA prerequisites for the Foreign Licence Conversion Training are met.

Do I need a valid residence visa to undergo the training?

No, a tourist visa shall suffice for your training.

What is the difference between Revalidation and Renewal?

Revalidation can be done in the preceding 90 days of expiry. Renewal is done only once the type rating currency is expired.

Any special rate for T3AA and Air Arabia alumni?

Yes, there is a special rate for T3 alumni as well as current and former Air Arabia staff.

Can the type rating be done directly to a non-UAE licence e.g. EASA/UK/FAA?

You can get the type rating initially on GCAA licence and then convert it to your preferred CAA licence.

Do we need to have simulator partners for the training?

It is highly recommended to find a simulator partner as the price of your training will decrease substantially.

Can I do the training online?

The CBT phase of the training is online and the simulator phase has to take place in person at the facility.

What does ICAO mean by English Language Proficiency (ELP)?

ICAO defined a framework of language proficiency levels for aviation. It ranges from level 1 (“Pre-elementary“) to level 6 (“Expert“). Level 4, “Operational”, is the minimum required for flight crews.

How is the test evaluated?

Your skills will be assessed according to the ICAO language proficiency skills defined in the ICAO Rating Scale. Therefore, you will get the grade that corresponds to your language proficiency (Passed (Level 4,5, 6), Failed (Level 1, 2, 3)). The final rating is not the average or aggregate of the ratings in each of the six ICAO language proficiency skills, but it is the lowest of these six ratings.

How can I get ready for the language proficiency test?

Stay tuned for further updates as we are planning to launch an ELP specialized course. In the meantime, you should be aware of the 6 linguistic skills that are assessed in the exam. Also, the focus of the test should be on the use of plain English.

What happens if I don't pass my ELP assessment? / If I fail the assessment twice?

If you don’t achieve a pass and it is your first attempt, you can complete your 2nd attempt immediately after 24 hours. However, we recommend that you practice your English before retaking another test.  

Candidates, who failed the entire assessment twice, may not be accepted for re-assessment without further proof of retraining and 1 month shall be respected between attempts.

What is the price of ELP?

The regular price is 1,250 AED (plus VAT).

Who can conduct an ELP assessment?

In line with the Safety Decision 2017-02, two assessors are required to conduct the test, English Language Expert (ELE) and Operational Expert (OPE).

What is the validity for the passing levels 4, 5, 6?

Level 4 is valid for 3 years
Level 5 is valid for 6 years
On the other hand, Expert Level 6 is valid for a lifetime.

Am I allowed for solo flight if I haven't done my ELP?

No, an ELP endorsement is necessary for solo flight.

I have my ELP done and endorsed by EASA. Will GCAA recognise this assessment?

Licences with an ELP 6 endorsement issued by a foreign State shall not be converted into ELP 6 unless the assessment has been conducted by an organisation approved by the GCAA. Nevertheless, those licences shall be converted with ELP 4 endorsement.

How is the assessment conducted?

Our assessment is conducted face-to-face.

Which countries accept Wilco-ELP?

Wilco-ELP currently has the GCAA approval only.

When can I take the test?

You will have to get in touch with the ELP Care department to check for available slots. You can either send an email to elp_care@t3a.academy or call + 971 6 508 8360.

How long does it take to complete the test?

The exam length is 30-45 minutes.

When and how will I receive my result?

Results are to be emailed to you by ELP care within 24 hours.

What do you do with my data and recordings once I have finished my assessment?

All the data is required by the authorities to be stored for 5 years and is then deleted.

If I prebook my assessment, am I eligible for a special price?

Certainly, you will be offered a price of 899 AED (VAT excl.). However, if you cancel the assessmentyou won’t be eligible for a refund.

My previous ELP has expired, can I still take the test with you?

Yes. Our test is both for renewal and initial issue of a language rating.

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