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Home away from Home

As one of the safest cities in the region, Sharjah is known as the cultural capital of the UAE, offering an array of exciting activities: from visiting cultural and historical sites to camping and racing in the desert, cadets can look forward to the authentic Sharjah experience.

Studying in Sharjah provides cadets the highly-coveted opportunity to gain first-class training and education whilst enjoying the benefits of a progressive and cultural city.

Among the best attributes of the emirate are its affordability and convenience. Amenities and services such as supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and beaches are conveniently located. Its central geographical position also makes it highly accessible to other leading cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi for cadets to discover.

The House of Wisdom, also known as Bait Al Hikmah in Arabic, is a high-tech two-storey library that houses more than 100,000 physical and digital books. The library is also a social hub for learning, supported by innovative technology with facilities including exhibition spaces, a fabrication lab, on-demand book print stations, discussion halls, and learning pods.

Al Qasba is a premier family-friendly destination that boasts an array of artistic, cultural, entertainment, and culinary activities and outlets for you to enjoy. From live performances to cultural events and art and design museums, Al Qasba is an all-in-one preferred destination frequented by residents and tourists in Sharjah.

Culture Capital

Known as the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates for being awarded as Capital of Arab Culture in 1998 by UNESCO and Capital of Islamic Culture in 2014, Sharjah boasts unique and innovative architectural, historical, cultural, literary, and artistic prowess that is rooted in Emirati heritage for the public to enjoy.

The Sharjah Mosque is but one of hundreds of examples of the city's architectural marvels.

Your Cadet Life at T3

T3 Aviation Academy offers a multitude of facilities that is aimed at maximising the comfort of our cadets during their stay at the Academy.


Comfortable, large rooms equipped with full amenities and high-internet speed.


A vibrant cafeteria with delectable selections of ala carte and buffet dishes from different cuisines.


A fully-equipped gym that comes with a squash court is available for our cadets to be and stay in shape.


An in-house salon and laundry are available for cadets to utilise without leaving the comforts of the Academy’s vicinity.